Jay Bowen

Jay Bowen is a senior digital marketing strategist with over 20 years of strategic marketing, digital and PR experience with both Fortune 500 companies and small business start-ups alike. Her focus has been both across the apparel and tech industry and she has a passion and a drive for both these industries.

With a degree in marketing from the London School of Marketing, she not only studied in London but worked on various digital projects and brands in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. Since working and living in the US, she has continued on this path, while also running ultra marathons in the Oregon mountains!

In 2015 she represented the Tech industry as a speaker on the TEDxWOMEN Panel and started her own running festival in 2018 on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Jay has a strong passion for the outdoors and trail running, and likes to bring this into the lifestyle projects she works on and delivers for her clients.

Currently competing in ultra marathons, Jay is sponsored by: