A Brilliant Case of Social Media Engagement By Ellie Golding.

British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding engaged her fans so brilliantly today and created quite a stir amongst her 1.2 million Facebook followers. Being a digital marketing passionista I had to share this, as anyone who loves social media engagement or knows just a little about Ellie, would be highly entertained by this little stunt!

In a way that plays nicely into the hands of her mostly Generation Y (17 to 34 years old) audience, she started with a post on Facebook that said the following:

She reached her 5,000 mark in under 5 minutes. So she commented back:

The two most important elements to remember when marketing to Gen Y’s is they love to be entertained and they LOVE rewards.

The average YouTube user spends 15 to 25 minutes per day on the site and traditional media consumption is a thing of the past, being replaced by streaming TV, streaming music, on demand songs, right now, no matter where you are. Do Gen Y’s even own radios? Probably not. They just stream from Pandora or Spotify on their iPhone, iPad or laptop all day…

After all the pandaemonium calmed down with her reply comment, in a genius twist of engagement, Ellie finally posted this:

Rewards are the most effective retention tool for this interactive generation and a great way to strengthen their connection to your brand and increase their loyalty.

So I am sure at this moment Ellie is recording her cover.  I will update this blog with the cover when it is done. Thank the digital age angels, it will probably be up on YouTube in the next hour or so!

I will however leave you with this. One of my favorite covers that really brings out her talent with her mesmerizing smokey husky voice.

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